Finding Freedom in Better Health

Burgers on the grill, fireworks, or a day at the lake...however you chose to celebrate, we hope your Fourth of July was full of relaxation and all the wonderful freedoms we enjoy here in the USA. What a privilege it is to take this time of the month to reflect on the things that matter most to us! 

Here at Valeo, we wanted to celebrate all the victories that our practice members have found in their pursuit of health and healing through Chiropractic care! It’s such an honor for us to witness the small, everyday achievements in the lives of people who come through our doors. This month, we wanted to step back and highlight a few that really inspired us!


Meet Allison! It’s difficult to know where exactly to begin with this amazing story of healing found through chiropractic care. Our mission has always been to empower our practice members through health so that they’re able to achieve a better quality of life. Shortly after Allison started receiving chiropractic care, she began noticing better range of motion and a regained ability to lift heavy objects without pain or discomfort. As a result, she decided to hire a personal trainer and get back to the gym to pursue her passion for lifting! In the last three months since starting care at Valeo, she has lost 20 pounds and has experienced more energy while achieving her goals at the gym! As with any big health change, time, consistency and repetition are key—there is no such thing as a quick fix. We applaud Allison for her hard work and for choosing chiropractic care as part of her health transformation!

Whether it’s freedom to play with your children, exercise, perform well at work or just get back to daily activities without the weight of chronic pain, Valeo Chiropractic is here to offer you an alternative, non-invasive option for better health. If you or your loved one are dealing with health issues, please don’t hesitate to call our office and get scheduled for a consultation!

 A special “thank you” to Allison for sharing her story with us this month! We hope it has encouraged you as you continue down your own path towards better health! Click on the images below to see a few more featured practice members and their achievements through chiropractic care!

Why New Braunfels?

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! 

Bennett and I are so excited to join the wonderful community of New Braunfels. We have had the opportunity to meet many new faces and other small business owners, and we are excited to meet YOU! You may have seen us out in the community these past few months sharing about chiropractic, but we want to be able to answer many questions you may still have for us. 

We wanted to start out with the most common question Bennett and I have gotten pretty regularly, and that is, "Why did you choose New Braunfels?"

Why wouldn't you want to live in a city with the motto "In New Braunfels ist das lieben schöen!" (translation: In New Braunfels life is good). In all seriousness, New Braunfels is a wonderful place for a growing family, picturesque views, stunning rivers, and yet is rich in culture. With a growing community, it's also a great place to start a business!

Bennett is a native to Corpus Christi, so staying in Texas was an easy decision. I am born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and always thought I would return home to start a business. However, during our many visits to New Braunfels, I completely fell in love. So after over two years of visiting and learning about the area, and lots of prayer, Bennett and I felt called to make New Braunfels our forever home. We are excited to serve this community with life changing chiropractic care. It has impacted our lives, and more importantly our health in many ways, and we look forward to sharing that with you. We'd love for you to join us on this journey to create one of the healthiest communities in the world.